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Black Bean Burger


Spicy black bean blend

Meat Temperature (Select 1):Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Cheese (Optional):Swiss +0.75Cheddar +0.75American +0.75Jack +0.75Provolone +0.75Blue Cheese +0.75Pimento +0.75
Burger Sauce (Select 1):Mayo Buffalo BBQ Horseradish Aioli Garlic Aioli
Burger Veggies (No Charge):Lettuce Tomato Red Onion Pickles
Burger Add-Ons (Optional):Grilled Onions +0.50Jalapenos +0.50Sauteed Mushrooms +0.50Chili Bacon +1.50Fried Egg +1.50Pulled Pork +2.50Extra Burger Patty +2.50
Sides (Select 1):French Fries Tator Tots Onion Rings +1.25Side Salad +1.25Coleslaw +1.25Sweet Potato Fries +1.25Garlic Mashed Potatoes +1.25Veggie of the Day +1.25Collards +1.25Black Beans +1.25